[Fuzor 사례] 4D 공정시뮬레이션 사례_J.COFFEY 건설_영국런던

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[Fuzor 4D Simulation] J. COFFEY 건설​에 의해 만들어진 4D 시뮬레이션을 확인해보자.

J.COFFEY 건설은 Fuzor가  건설공정 작업을 쉽게하기 위해 많은 시간을 절약해 주는 훌륭한 소프트웨어임을 발견하였다.


  빌딩은 웨스트 엔드 그린 (West End Green )으로서 영국의 웨스트 웨이 (Westway) 북쪽에있는 런던의 에지웨어 로드 ( Edgware Road) 에 있습니다.


West End Green


In April 2016, planning consent was given for the development of West End Green, a 2.66 acre site on Edgware Road in London, just north of the Westway. The developers Berkeley Homes, who purchased the site in September 2015, aim to transform a site that has been an under-occupied, temporary car park and car wash for the last 25 years.

Located at 285-329 Edgware Road, the mixed-use development will include private and affordable homes, space for offices, shops, restaurants and a small cinema.


Consent was given by Westminster City Council following a consultation and the submission of a new planning application in mid-December 2015. The amendments that were made to the original design following the feedback received during the pre-consultation engagement include:

  • Reduction in tower height from 39 to 30 storeys.
  • Mansion Blocks increased by one floor on Blocks B,C,D and H, and two floors on Block E.
  • Reduction from 691 to 652 homes.
  • 126 affordable homes on site.
  • Amendments to the commercial spaces.

According to Berkeley, ‘we are continuing to propose a mixed use development which will introduce a significant number of new private and affordable homes across a series of mansion blocks with a tower element at the south end of the site.’

Westminster City Council are undertaking a further round of statutory consultation with residents and businesses in the area on the revisions to the application. Construction is planned to commence in summer 2016.

For more information, visit West End Green